Jewelry by Jasmine

Diamond Engagement Rings

Deciding on what diamond ring to purchase is one of the most important decisions to fulfilling your true desires in life. A diamond ring may bring value in terms of money, but the sentimental value you give to the ring is what’s important. This ring describes the person who you share your soul with through the entirety of life. Then, after you have passed, it has become the hallmark of your family as generations come and pass. Because of this, the workers of Jewelry By Jasmine understand the importance and decisions made in choosing the right ring, and that’s why we carry diamond rings that beam extravagance and high quality material and craftsmanship. Jewelry By Jasmine makes sure we sell these carefully made diamond rings at prices our customers can afford.

Immerse yourself in the selection of diamond engagement rings. Ring types include our custom-designed solitaire rings, three stone ring, halo rings and more. These rings are all available in Round, Princess, Pear, Marquise, Oval, Heart, Asscher, Cushion, Radiant and Emerald cuts. Having over 1500 engagement ring styles available, we give you a diverse and varietal catalog to carefully choose your ring.

Diamond Stud EarRings

Diamond stud earrings are the epitome of high class and chic style. Out in public, expect to have obvious eye glances towards your diamond-fitted earrings. At Jewelry by Jasmine, there is nothing but guarantee that these diamond stud earrings will last for more than a century with our quality and design. Having a multitude of diamond stud earrings to choose from the available 900 styles. From these varieties, look for your ideal Princess or Round Cut just for your own personalized diamond stud earrings. Additionally, we at Jewelry by Jasmine allow the customer as much customization possible. For your earrings, it's up to you to choose from the setting and the carat and backing. In addition, feel security with Jewelry By Jasmine’s reputable lifetime warranty and customer service!

After looking at the vast amount of varieties we have to offer, what reason is there to not buy diamond stud earrings? Buying diamond stud earrings here at Jewelry by Jasmine gives you a multitude of options to choose from. Turn the love of your life into a shining diamond in the sky by fitting him/her with a touch of diamond earrings. Or, maybe looking to fit yourself, a close friend, or a family member with an assurance that they're wearing the best of the best!

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Diamond Pendants

A diamond pendant necklace is another chic accessory to emit style and class. Whomever it is for, diamond pendants are gifts that should be valued and cherished for a lifetime. Jewelry by Jasmine stocks more than 800 diamond pendant varieties, so you have an abundant amount of choices to eye before you find your preferred pendant.

All of our solitaire diamond pendants trance many in their beauty and ambience, and will continue to shine bright for generations to come.

Associate yourself as the stylish friend of your friend group and leave others in envy. Or, as an act of kinsmanship, show your love just how much you care. Jewelry By Jasmine is adamant about providing customers enjoyment. Therefore you'll be ecstatic to hear that we offer a lifetime warranty and a lifetime exchange policy. Find your perfect pendant today.

Our Quality Promise

Being experts in the field, it’s a promise that we inspect and rigorously ensure that our diamonds meet the epitome of excellence. Whether it is a solitaire ring or a valued 2 carat diamond ring, each diamond goes through an intricate and detailed quality check to ensure authenticity, cut, clarity, color and carat are at their best.

All of our jewelry, including diamond rings and engagement rings, are crafted in your choice of metal (White gold, yellow gold, or platinum) and purity(10k, 14k, 18k).

Jewelry by Jasmine uses state-of-the-art technology to shape and microscopically inspect our diamonds. This is done to guarantee the customer an enriched experience with their purchase. In addition, every order will also come with appraisal certification by GGS that will also be valid to be used on your insurance policy.